OnClick Retailer/Trader Suite
Compact and remote solution to manage Warehouse, Back Office, Online Sales and Retail Outlets, in a seamless way.
OnClick Cafe
OneClick Retail/ Cafe Solution
The compact and remote solution to manage Warehouse, Back Office, Online Sales, and Cafes Outlets, in a seamless way.
ClicktoHUB - Contractor Suite
ERP - CRM - Customer Relationship Management
ERP - PMS - Project Management System
ERP - AFM - Accounting & Billing System
ERP - AFM - Expense Management
ERP - HRM - Human Resources Management
ERP - HRM - Attendance Management
ERP - PRM - Payroll Management
ERP - HRM - Fleet Management
ERP - PMS - Procurement Management System
ERP - WHM - Warehouse Management

**Detailed Technical Proposal Attached
OnClick Property Manager Suite
Compact Solution to manage Rental Properties, as simple as it gets.
Property Owners can manage Properties
Manage occupied and vacant Properties
Manage tenants and rent amounts
Manage property Maintenance
Manage property Agreements

It gives landlords control, visibility, and transparency by enabling them to view the real-time updates, insights, and reports about their portfolio - eliminating the dependability on property managers to shares these reports at weekly or monthly intervals.
All Landlord Questions are answered with a Click on his own mobile.

**Rental Property Management Features :
-Manage Property Owners (Contact Info, Related Listings, Owner Performance KPIs)
-Manage Properties (Enlisting, Tracking, Property Performance KPIs)
-Manage Units (Location, Expected Rent, In Place Rent, Occupancy KPIs)
-Manage Tenants (Contact Info, Delay Index, Automated Reminders)
-Manage Contract (Print Contracts, Timely Reminders, Contract Renewals)
-Manage Rent Payments (Payment Schedule, Forecasts, Clearance Tracking)

Basic Accounting Features:
-Bank Reconciliation